How to Install our NI Maschine Expansions

How to install NI Maschine expansions

Native Instruments Maschine Expansions (Premium and Free) need to be carefully installed.
Follow us in the step by step guide you will find below.
And if you have any issues during the process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Step-by-step installation instructions

Premium Expansions

1. If you’ve downloaded Free Packs, please scroll down to the specific instructions.

2. First, create a folder on your computer called HelloSamples. You will put all the future Premium Libraries on this folder.

3. Put the downloaded kit into this folder.

4. Open Maschine 2.

5. Click on Preferences and select the “User Library” Preferences Alias window.

6. Click “add” and select the new Maschine expansion folder.

7. Write the ALIAS name (check the Alias List)

8. Click Rescan.

You will find all your library tagged after a Maschine’s rescanning. (This would work for 99% of users.

Free Expansions

1. First, you’ ll need to create a folder on your computer called HelloSamples Free. All the Free Libraries need to be located there.

2. Unzip the downloaded kit and put the content inside the HelloSamples Free folder.

3. Open Maschine 2.

4. Click on Preferences and select the “User Library” Preferences Alias window.

5. Click “add” and select the HelloSamples Free folder.

6. Write HelloSamples in the ALIAS name. (alias is case sensitive!)

7. Click Rescan. You will find your first free library tagged when Maschine finishes the rescanning.

 8. Henceforth you will need to perform a rescan of the library every time you install a new free library.

Video Tutorial

Alias List

Free Expansions


Premium Expansions

Artist Series 1 – Skygaze: HSASSG1
Artist Series 2 – Fast Boo: HSAS2
Astral Beats: HSAstralBeats
Cosmic Beats: HSCosmicBeats
Drill Em All: HSDrillEmAll
F1 – Golden Hip Hop: HSF1
F2 – Organic House: HSF2
F3 – Jawbreaker Trap: HSF3
F4 – Bloomy Habitat: HSF4
F5 – Lo-Fi Haze: HSF5
F6 – Lo-Fi House: HSF6
F7 – Lush Beats: HSF7
Lo-Fi Birdy Beats: HSLFBB
Modular Drums Vol.1: HSMD1
Modular Drums Vol.2: HSMD2
Raw Series Vol. 1: HS-RawVermona
Raw Series Vol. 2: HS-RawJMX09
Raw Series Vol. 3: HSRS3AT
Raw Series Vol. 4: HSRS4AR
Raw Series Vol5: HSRS5
Silky Juke: HSSilkyJuke
Snack Pack 001 – Re-Amped Acoustic Drums: HSSP1
Snack Pack 002 – Abused Modular Drums: HSSP2
Snack Pack 003 – Dusty Crate Drums: HSSP3
Snack Pack 004 – Wild Water Percussion: HSSP4
Spaced Out FX Vol.1: HSSOFX1
Sweet Chords Vol. 1: HSSC1
Sweet Chords Vol. 2: HSSC2
Sweet Chords Vol. 3: HSSC3
Sweet Chords Vol. 4: HSSC4
Sweet Chords Vol. 5: HSSC5

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