Sound Routes: Maghreb / Morocco

46 field recordings from Dudu’s journey through Maghreb

Back in 2016 we got in touch with a mutual friend who at that time was studying sound engineering in London. He also was beginning to craft his own instruments.

We immediately connected while discovering our mutual boundless curiosity for new sounds and cultures. All pieces came together when he told us he was planning a trip to Morocco, to document the craft-making of the Guembri, a traditional Moroccan instrument.

At that precise moment, Sound Routes was born.

We will start with a collection of field recordings and generally curious sounds from Morocco. We invite you to join us for this sensory trip around this little and fascinating globe that we got to live in!



“In July 2016, I spent two weeks in Morocco gathering a variety of sounds that resulted interesting to me. Together with the photographer and filmmaker Ana Larruy, we documented our journey acquainting music and culture from the country, as well as peculiar soundscapes that may be valuable for its further usage in music production and filmmaking.

From Marrakesh, crossing the Atlas to the desert and from there to the coast of Essaouira, we collected a handful of delightful and interesting recordings from the mystic and colorful Morocco.”

Dudu Bongo – Ethnomusicologist, instrument crafter and multi-instrumentalist musician.