Lofi Gloomy Beats by HelloSamples - Royalty Free Sad Lofi Hip-Hop Sounds for Ableton, Maschine or any DAW

LoFi Gloomy Beats

Infuse a touch of lo-fi melancholic magic into your music

Feeling a bit down or contemplative?

When life takes a melancholic turn, there’s one remedy that never fails to soothe the soul – the guitar. Its resonant strings possess a unique power to bridge despair with calm and hope.

And Lo-Fi Gloomy Beats is the sound pack that emerges from the synergy of a bunch of guitars, a couple of samplers, and those encountered feelings.

This collection is an emotional canvas. Whether you seek to evoke a sense of hope amidst melancholy or dive deep into the realms of profound sadness, you’ll discover the unique sound that matches your mood.

Every guitar chord was meticulously captured using premium microphones, top preamps, and a huge arsenal of pedal effects. But we didn’t stop there – we took it a step further by re-recording these soulful strums onto tape to infuse that unmistakable lo-fi charm.

In this pack, you’ll find complete mix loops as well as solo track loops for each construction kit. This means you have total creative freedom to chop, rearrange, and mold these elements until they align perfectly with your unique vibe.

The included drum loops are a marriage of an old Akai S612 and a Roland SP404, embracing the signature HelloSamples organic lo-fi essence. They are tailor-made to complement the evocative guitar tones.

Whether you’re flirting with lo-fi hip-hop, Trap, R&B, or the ethereal world of vaporwave, Lo-Fi Gloomy Beats is your portal to infuse a touch of melancholic magic into your music.