Positif Synth School

Positif Synth School – Prodigy’s “Girls” with a Roland Juno-106

The Prodigy’s “Girls” features some very cool samples. My favourite one is the re-sampling of D-Train’s “You’re the one for me”. I just love this line so much, great melody and great synth programming.

The re-sampled lick sounds cooler, -more synthy and less “plucky guitar rompler”- in The Prodigy’s production, and this is the one we’ve decided to recreate.

In order to do this sound I’m usig a mix of square waves (pwm set to manual and with the pulse width of the square wave set in the “middle”), saw waves, and SUB (mixed about half way). The filter is set this way: Frequency is about 40% on the fader and resonance is high (about 75%).

Theres also some envelope and lfo modulation into the filter and some lfo modulation to the pitch. Also, it’s necessary to apply some delay to the lfo vibrato. If your synth doesnt have this, just use the modwheel.

Last but not least the vca is set to a “gate” envelope and the filter envelope has a fast attack, fast decay, medium sustain and low release (although with the gate envelope on the vca the release doesn’t matter much.) The onboard chorus is set to “1” setting.

After this we passed the juno sound through a SPL Transient Designer to empasize the attack a bit, and put some very mild overdrive and some reverb via plugs.

The sound we’ve achieved with the 106 is probably more analog sounding and “retro” than the original. For even more accurate results it would be wise to use a digital synth and maybe resample it and pitch it up like Prodigy did. This is as close as we could get with the 106.

It’s probably much easier just to sample D-Trains record but, that wouldnt be fun, would it??