Positif Synth School

Positif Synth School – Breakwaters “Release the Beast” sound

This second volume keeps it on the funky side, it explains the synthesis theory behind Breakwater’s “Release The Beast” synth lead sound -also sampled by Daft Punk on “Robot Rock”-. We’ve recreated it once again on our beloved Octave Cat.

It’s pretty obvious that the patch is a classic VCO sync. sound, but it has more to it to make it perfect. Both vco’s should have pulse waves selected. First route the adsr to the filter AND VCO 1, then put the resonance a bit on the high side, and set the envelope for fast attack (but not zero) and no release. VCA should have a gate type of envelope (zero attack, zero release). The important thing here is tweaking the adsr and percentage of modulation going to vco and vcf.

Last, but not least, send a bit of LFO frequency modulation to VCO 2. If you have an “LFO delay” slider like on my Cat, you can make the modulation take action slowly, just like on the original. If you don’t, like on most Moogs for example, just make use of the modulation wheel and call it a day :O).

Add a li’l bit of tape echo and the “french touch” is done!

Bon appetit!!