18 preset pack for new OP1 DSynth Engine

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Teenage Engineering has release a new version of the OS for the OP-1 synthesizer.
This update includes:

  • NEW DSynth synthesizer engine
  • NEW Sketch sequencer
  • Master tune
  • M1 and M2 now works together

The multi-envelope DSynth shares its heritage with OP-1′s DBox drum synth, tweaked for melody making. It features an interface with dual oscillators, multiple crossfadable synthesis methods, attach/decay/filter controls and a nice waveform visualizer.

We love it!

But the update comes without presets…
No problem! We have created our preset pack for you!




  1. Hola, lo descargué y contiene como una decena de archivos iguales de un sample vocal…que hice mal? o es un error?