Sweet Chords Vol.3 Walkthrough – NI Maschine

Hello Sampleheads!

Our new Sweet Chords Vol.3 is out now and we’ve made a video walkthrough of the Maschine pack to show you guys what’s new and exciting about this library.

We’ve listened to your suggestions about making longer chords and we’ve also expanded our sound palette by creating layered chords formed by various instruments like vibraphones, guitars, field recordings, synths (OP-1, Poly Evolver, Nord and Blofeld), vinyl noises and of course the electric piano!

The way we’ve built the kits is also different. We’ve made combinations of chord progressions and single notes to play along and also other combinations made from electric piano chords and analogue chords made of diverse sounds.

The result is 1500+ sounds divided by 48 different construction kits that respond to different moods and ideas that fits perfectly to House, Hip Hop, Future R&B, Electronica and even cinematic compositions.

Sweet dreams and happy beatmaking!